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Episode #44 - Working out for Wellbeing vs. Weight Control with Annie Miller

Episode #43 - Living your purpose and Healing Sexual Trauma with Natalie Matushenko

Episode #42 - How to use your Brain to Stop Binge Eating and other Unwanted Habits with Kathryn Hansen

Episode #41 - The Power of Positivity and Affirmations with Rachel Kaczynski

Episode #40- Robyn Nohling - Decodes the menstrual cycle, PMS and Amenorrhea

Episode #39 - Jenny Hopf - Rediscovering your pre-motherhood identity and making mom friends

Episode #38 - Caitlin Croteau - The power of Vulnerability and being Authentic

Episode #37 - Stephanie Webb - The Psychology of Eating ; Women changing diet patterns for the next generation

Episode #36 - Jenni Schaefer - Life Without ED and a look into PTSD, an underdiagnosed mental health condition

Episode #35 - Lauren McAulay - The Mental Aspect of Dieting, Dieting for Weddings and Events, Choosing Freedom

Episode #34 - Meghan Kacmarcik on High School and College Dieting Triggers, Health at Every Size, ED Recovery and Feeling Fat

Episode #33 - Michelle Lelwica on the Religion of Thinness: Parallel between Religion and the Quest for the Perfect Body

Episode #32 - Marci Evans on the Connection between Digestive Issues and Disordered Eating

Episode #31 - Katie Dalebout, Happiness is Healthier then Health, Journaling for Healing

Episode #30 - Lindsay Stenovec on Mama Wellness, transitions and control, "Health" trends, and engrained nutrition beliefs in childhood

Episode #29 - Jessica Dahlquist on Being an Imperfectly Extraordinary Mom, Embracing challenges, wins and tackling tough topics

Episode #28 - Emily Lindin of The Unslut Project, "slut"-shaming, bullying and sexuality among adolescents

Episode #27 - Katie Horwitch on negative talk, the comparison trap, highly sensitive people and becoming self aware

Episode #26 - Jill Castle on the psychology of feeding children and how to set them up for a healthy life, from toddlers to teens

Episode #25 - The Way You Are with Erica Ormanovich. Breaking free from disordered behaviors, body acceptance and normal eating defined

Episode #24 - The Minimalist Moms, Diane Boden and Megan Erikson, decluttering stuff, simplifying schedules, the fear of missing out, and social media boundries

Episode #23 - Dr. Anita Johnston: An Exceptional Viewpoint on Being a Woman, Puberty, Menarche, Menstruation and Menopause

Episode #22 - Marissa Lawton on Mental Health, Time Management, Finding your Passion, Productivity and Momprenuer

Episode #21 - Non-Diet Dietitian Kylie Mitchell on Nutrition, Pregnancy, Breaking Rules, Embracing Change, Running

Episode #20 - Jen Riday - Motherhood, Marriage, Finding Your Happiness, Mommy Guilt and More!

Episode #19 - Jenny Berk - Body Image Blueprint, Beyond Weight Loss, "Summer Body", Post Baby Body

Episode #18 - Isabel Foxen Duke - Societal pressures to be skinny, choosing quality of life over dieting, disordered eating

Episode #17 - Amber Romaniuk - Food Addiction, emotional eating, binge eating, self care, digestive issues

Episode # 16 - Holly Whitaker - Alcohol Addiction

Episode # 15 - Jenna Free - Body Image and Weight

Episode # 14 - Kelli Walker - Anxiety, panic, ocd and agoraphobia

Episode # 13 - Sarah King - Exercise as medicine, intuitive exercise and the no carb/no sugar fad

Episode # 12 - Kimberly Johnson - Sex, birth injuries and sexological bodywork

Episode # 11 - Lindsey Hall - Drunkorexia, college life

Episode # 10 - Ava Women - Hormones, menstrual cycle, fertility, amenorrhea

Episode # 09 - Maddy Moon - From body builder to transformational life coach

Episode #08 - Lydia Wente - Binge Eating

Episode #07 - Emily Fonnesbeck - Post baby body and orthorexia

Episode # 06 - Kathleen Audet - Fashion

Episode # 05 - Jenny Berk - Mothers and daughters and body image

Episode # 04 - Tabitha Tucker - Postpartum depression and anxiety

Episode # 03 - Tricia Fandel - Coping with pregnancy loss

Episode # 02 - Jessi Haggerty - Loving your body

Episode # 01 - Jennifer Cronin and Kristen Cillo share their stories

Tune into Sibling Riffery Podcast for a comedic podcast from Kris and her brother!!

Tune into Sibling Riffery Podcast for a comedic podcast from Kris and her brother!!