As a Health Coach, I hear about cleanses and detoxes. A Lot. "How To's" for cleansing toxins from the body are wide spread. What you may not know is that the body has a natural detoxification process. Every night when we sleep, the body will turn on its processes for detoxifying and eliminating toxins from the body through its natural functions. 

There is so much buzz created around detoxifying and cleansing our insides that we don't give much thought to the way we might be exposed to harmful toxins through our largest organ... OUR SKIN. Think about the everyday products we use that touch our skin as well as our families' skin.  

In my health coaching practice, I help women take the stress and overwhelm out of Health because I know the abundance of information out there and how confusing it can be. I teamed up with Pure Haven because their message aligns with my beliefs. They keep it real, simple and pure. They strive to educate and inform people about everyday toxins and provide safe products that immediately and easily can improve the way we do health. 

I know in today's society, we tend to have an extreme, all or nothing way of thinking. You're either on the diet or off. Cleansing or not. But, here's something refreshing.. I'm not saying you have to immediately go through your house and throw away every lotion, shampoo and cleaning product. However, I am suggesting that you can pick one product that you use everyday... shampoo? conditioner? lotion? diaper rash cream? Try switching it with a 100% natural Pure Haven Product and see how it works. They are 100% guaranteed non-toxic and filled with Natural Ingredients. To make it even easier, Pure Haven offers specific bundles as a place to start. Baby, Home, Skin, Body, Pet. Click the link above to shop around!

Interested in gathering your girlfriends to host a Pure Haven Party?! Email me! Virtual Parties available too and as a host, you will get some perks!